Female entrepreneurs unite! SWEET Group Atlanta Launch


Wednesday, January 17th, was the official Atlanta launch of the Charlotte based female entrepreneur organization, SWEET Group (Successful Women Entrepreneurs and the Extremely Talented). Coming off of two successful launches in Richmond and Charlotte in 2012, the SWEET Group Atlanta launch did not disappoint. SWEET co-founder, Dr. Lillian Lambert, (the first black woman to receive an MBA from Harvard Business School) interviewed Curvato CEO and RnB Divas executive producer, Nicci Gilbert (@niccigilbert), on how to make it as a successful entrepreneur in the entertainment and fashion industry. The event atmosphere was warm and welcoming as attendees enjoyed light refreshments and signature SWEET cocktails during the networking/meet and greet segment preceding the program. After the on-stage interview, both Dr. Lambert and Ms. Gilbert fielded questions from attendees on topics from “Is my business idea worth pursuing?” to “I want to make a name for my bakery in the entertainment world. How do i get started?” (to which Ms. Gilbert replied, “give me your card and send me some! I’ll tell a friend who’ll tell a friend about how good it is!” lol…) I was personally blown away by their genuine kindness and graciousness to help anyone and I dont think anyone in attendance left without a few new contacts and maybe their business card in Nicci Gilbert’s hand! The event was held at the ultra classy Aurum Lounge, located off Peachtree St and 8th in Midtown. It was sponsored by SMS-Advisors, a business and finance managerial advisement firm headquartered out of Charlotte, NC. Here are a few pics from the event and you know the graphics were provided by yours truly, kravndesigns! Enjoy! <3 #teamkravn



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