Getting Started, Getting Focused

So I decided I’d give this bird wings and see how far she soars… These are my random, scatter-brained thoughts laid out for the worlds pleasure. I’m 25 and learning and growing by leaps and bounds everyday. So far, this quarter-century marker of a year has been an amazing journey… One of the best so far. Right now I’m just trying to flesh out the rest of this trip through life. Or at least my next direction… what am I going to focus on next? Well, between working full-time, doing freelance design (hence the reason that you’re here, kravn_designs), studying for the LSAT and GRE, helping my bff launch her event planning company, supporting my family in their 50 million endeavors, AND attempting something of a social/dating life every now and then… I feel as if I’m going in circles most days. Getting dizzy and going nowhere. Other days, I’m back up on my horse, striding towards… something. Greatness? Perhaps…Haven’t quite figured out what that is yet but its definitely something more. Design has long been my outlet so I’m going to continue to use it for what it has been to me: an outlet, a window, a mirror. I dont know if this will all even make sense in the end as a cohesive body but cheers to the adventure and to seeing where we end up…

So here it is, the journey. Enjoy.


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