Photo A Day: July


Like just about everyone else in this digital age, I’m something of a photo whore, always have been. I have photo albums and scrap books starting from 4th grade all the way through college graduation… It’s just something I do.

Social outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, especially, have given ordinary people the ability to easily chronicle and share even the most mundane of daily activities and, honestly, I love it. It allows people to express themselves and share things from their point of view and not only that, they can receive feedback from their peers who may be feeling the same way and identify with them…

So when I came across the fatmumslim Photo A Day Challenge I had to share it with you guys. It covers all media outlets and is identified universally with the #photoadayjuly hashtag. I think its a great idea that pushes you to be at least minimally creative once a day for a month…

So here we go… July 1 = Day 1! I’m going to try my best to keep up everyday, if not on here, via facebook, twitter, or instagram (vrnk1908)… Share this with your friends, follow me, and send me your best daily pics!

Looking forward to seeing how July unfolds for all of you, one photo at a time!



Day 1: self portrait… My “it’s waaaaayyyyy too hot out here for football” face